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Here's what our customers are saying...

"I love Monique's patterns because her directions are the best. She is both precise and creative."

Lisa King

Byron, IL

"...I sure do love your Fit To Be Geese rulers.

I learned about your rulers from reading Carrie Nelson's blog.  I received one as a Christmas gift last year and tried it out right away.  I love it.

Previously, I avoided any pattern that included Flying Geese, because they "were" not fun to make.  But now, using your ruler, I am not timid about them any longer.  My success rate with an accurate block is 99%!

Thanks for such a great tool!"

Karen Shackleford

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I have made quite a few of your patterns and have liked them from the first one I pieced.
What I like about your patterns is how you “oversize” them and then trim them to a precise size.  I can never make a block and have it come out the size it is “suppose” to be.  Kinda  like a cookie recipe – “makes 3 dozen”.  Ha!  When I make the recipe it might be a dozen!

Anyway. That is what I love about your patterns.  And a few years back, I took a Carrie Nelson quilt class in Rockford at the Alpine Lutheran church.  I bought one of your rulers – sorry but I do not remember the name of it.  Again, excellent tool and I am all for precision."

Cindy Yoakum